Founded by avid enthusiasts, CryptosCounter set out to track how many users were actually using some of the most popular cryptos today. We had a natural urge of curiosity to know how big the crypto industry was actually growing.

After searching and searching for crypto stats, we realized that no one had any really good statistics or users counts on much of anything. Being stunned, we had to take action.

Welcome to CryptosCounter, where a bunch of nerds with half-baked programmer skills got together to find a way of tracking users counts of cryptocurrencies.

After a few months of playing around and finding what worked, our group of misfits got better at tracking the network traffic of popular cryptos and eventually our Gohost (pronounced “Ghost”) Network Protocol technology, otherwise known as GNP, came together. It’s not perfect but it is closer than anything we found.

GNP is being constantly improved and we thought other enthusiasts might want to see crypto user counts too, because quite frankly – the stats are amazzzzinnngggg and it was easier to present the data in web form.

Have fun, be wise, and we’re glad you cared enough to stop by this section of CryptosCounter to learn more about us.

About Cryptos Counter